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Auto tours in Kamchatka
Having gathered all the experience gained, our guides, tourism veterans in Kamchatka, have compiled their routes. There are no random places, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. This feature of the author’s routes allows us to immerse you in the atmosphere of not only the nature of Kamchatka, but also its history.

Here you will not just follow the route, you will learn how volcanic eruptions occur, interesting facts from the history of the peninsula, the habits of wild animals, as well as all kinds of tales and real stories from the life of the guides.

The complexity of the routes is average and lower by the standards of Kamchatka. We cover long distances with equipment and the entire kitchen on prepared cars, and on the spot we make radial exits to the most interesting places. In such multi-day trips, a cook works, there is a lot of food and after an excursion in the camp you will already have a hot dinner.

Hikes with medium difficulty and higher
In Kamchatka there are many amazing places that are away from the beaten track. It is possible to reach such secluded corners only on foot, carrying all your equipment and part of the total. Cooks take - an extra cost, and the amount of food is calculated not only from the goodies, but also from the weight to be borne. Food is prepared by all members of such a campaign in turn, on duty. Confidence and the ability to rely on teammates for many days is a big part.

Plus multi-day trips are the most remote and uninhabited landscapes, teamwork, as well as an affordable price due to the limited transport component and other resources. Join now!

Winter tours
Winter in Kamchatka is not three months, as we used to think. The first snow in the mountains falls already in early October, and melts only by June. This is the real north!

If your vacation falls in the winter, then you are guaranteed to get a real adventure and a big charge of vivacity. Choose ready-made offers.

Helicopter Tours
There are places where you can’t reach by car, and on foot is too far and will take more than one week. These are unique natural sites, including the Valley of Geysers, Kuril Lake, or true Aboriginal settlements.

Sea tours
Kamchatka is a peninsula surrounded by large water. From ancient times, the history of the inhabitants is somehow connected with the ocean. He provided them with food and resources, was the only transportation system, gave hope and life itself. Countless riches and a whole unknown world are stored in the bowels of the Pacific Ocean.

On our sea excursions you will see Kamchatka from the other side: its steep banks originating at the very edge of the water, marine animals who are not yet afraid of people and feel the real energy of the sea.

Day trips
One-day excursions are more suitable for people who are traveling to work on a visit to Kamchatka or who simply want to supplement their main tour with a new point on the map.

Private tours to Kamchatka
If for some reason our group tours in Kamchatka did not suit you, for example, you want to go on a trip only with your small and friendly company, lay a unique route, we will make such a trip just for you with all our soul and experience. Sea cruises, horseback riding, survival in the wild or even shooting video clips in Kamchatka. We are open to any non-standard and cool offers, call.

Trips to Kamchatka


Volcanoes alive (summer 2020)

Volcanoes alive

Very replete and informative tour of the most interesting areas of Kamchatka modern active volcanic.

823$ (68000)


Kamchatka kaleidoscope (Summer 2020)

Kamchatka kaleidoscope 2020

During the trip you’ll visit such unique places of Kamchatka as active volcanoes Mutnovsky & Avachinsky, which are considered to be the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka; the unique and wonderful Valley of Geysers – the World miracle.

1150$ (95000)


Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

You will cross Kamchatka from the South to the North and moving from one climate zone to another, you will go to the central Kamchatka, to the location of the largest volcanoes in Eurasia.

1271$ (105000)


The Land of Bears and Volcanoes

You will cross Kamchatka from south to north and going from one climatic zone to another you will get to Central Kamchatka where the largest volcanoes of Europe and Asia are located.

1888$ (156000)

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