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Trips to Altai

Trips to Altai

Trips to Altai

Go to Altai with AltairTour experts and plunge into the world of wildlife, culture and beauty. Tours to Altai are the main line of our company, which is why we have built a cozy campsite in the village Ust-Koksa, where most trips start. We have developed Altai programs for every taste: from family vacations with children to extreme climbings to the highest peaks of Altai. If you are planning an independent tour to Altai, you can take advantage of comfortable delivery from Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk to Ust-Koksa village.


Bus Novosibirsk - Ust-Koksa - Novosibirsk Saturdays from 10.06.2020

Trips to Altai


Belukha is the heart of Asia (summer 2023)

Trekking / 9 days

The tour to the foot of Belukha Mountain. Guides will provide the most comfortable conditions for this trekking. We will provide all equipment and make your trip unforgettable.

472$ (38600)


Multinskiye lakes (summer 2023)

Trekking / 9 days

This tour opens to travelers a world of beautiful lakes and ancient mountains in a remote area of the Altai where the pristine nature still exists.

402$ (32900)


Winter Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Winter 2023)

Duration / 6 days

Altai is very beautiful in winter. We suggest to go to Altai especially in winter – the time when it’s fabulous, fantastic and enchanting. You will get acquainted with the Uymon Valley and the amazing people who lives there.

596$ (48800)


Summer Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Summer 2023)

Duration / 8 days

Altai region is wonderful and full of mystery! It attracts with its power, antiquity, nature and remoteness. The highest mountains, snow-white glaciers, incredibly beautiful lakes, vast valleys, mountain passes - all this is Altai. This tour combines wildlife and reasonable comfort. The 8 days of this Altai trip will be forever remembered in your heart.

1434$ (117500)


Travel to the country of White Water (summer 2023)

Trekking + rafting + speleo (nights in houses) / 8 days

The Mountain Altai was the cradle for many nations. Tribes of Scythes, Huns and Turks starting from that area spread around the endless territories of Eurasia.

908$ (74400)


To the foot of Belukha with pack horses ( 2023)

trekking / 10 days

To visit at the foot of Belukha in itself is wonderful, and to go it through the Oroktoy path is a double gift. The main advantage of this path is that it passes along the high altitude, repeatedly opening Belukha from unusual and bewitching angles.

592$ (48500)


Colourful autumn in the Uymon Valley (Autumn 2023)

Excursion tour (light physical training) / 7 days

One of the most beautiful places in the Altai is Uymon valley (Uymon steppe) - intermountain basin between Terektinskiy and Katunskiy ridges on the south Altay. There is a special atmosphere in Altai in autumn! There are not as many tourists as in summer. The weather is warm, and the amazing natural colors are fascinating. The red-yellow leaves are combined with the turquoise lakes of Altai. It's worth seeing.

567$ (46400)


Sport and health tent camp (2023)

Trekking / 8 days

We invite you to spend a wonderful vacation in the Altai Mountains in a tent camp in the Uimon valley. A special feature of our program is daily hiking, different in terms of difficulty and duration.

438$ (35820)


When waterfalls wake up (spring 2023)

Trekking / 6 days

In the spring people wants to be closer to nature, to see her awakening, with her scoop out the earth vitality, to feel free of all superficial and fussy.

516$ (42210)

About Altai

Active tours are very useful for healing the whole body. Choosing this option of leisure, you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions, recharge with energy and energy for a long period, but for this you need to choose the right direction. If you want to get to know unexplored places, take a trip to sacred places and see all the beauty of nature, a tour to Altai will be a perfect choice for you.

Travel agency "Altair-tour" organizes tours in Altai of any complexity and type. With us you are sure to choose the right option that will suit your physical fitness. Our employees take their work seriously, so we guarantee that you will get unforgettable adventures, this trip will be remembered only for good moments for a lifetime.

With the advent of the holiday season, more and more people are inclined to choose a tour to Altai, this is not surprising, because there is healing air, mild climate and beautiful nature. The mountainous region leaves no one indifferent. Having been there at least once, you will want to return there again.

The main advantages of a holiday in Altai

Many options for spending time. Our agency will offer you a lot of options for active or passive recreation. We conduct tours of the best beauties of the Republic, the guide will introduce you to the history of the region and the customs of the indigenous people. If you want to try an extreme form of relaxation, then do not miss the opportunity to rafting on a stormy river under the supervision of an experienced instructor.
The choice of places to relax. "Altair-tour" will provide comfortable houses for living on any number of people. We have many recreation centers designed both for single travelers and families with small children. Everyone will be able to choose a tourist base based on personal preferences.
Year-round vacation. Altai is popular at any time of the year, each season is special. In winter, you can go climbing and conquer Belukha, and in summer you can go on a hiking tour of the Altai lakes and visit sacred places.
The main advantages of a holiday in Altai include the more familiar climate, the absence of a language barrier and the ability to select the optimal tour of any complexity and duration as soon as possible.

Book an Altai tour at an affordable cost right now at our travel agency and give yourself and your family an unforgettable experience! We organize tours to Altai from Novosibirsk, Barnaul and Gorno-Altaysk.

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