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Belukha is the heart of Asia (summer 2023)

Trekking / 9 days

The tour to the foot of Belukha Mountain. Guides will provide the most comfortable conditions for this trekking. We will provide all equipment and make your trip unforgettable.

472$ (38600)


Multinskiye lakes (summer 2023)

Trekking / 9 days

This tour opens to travelers a world of beautiful lakes and ancient mountains in a remote area of the Altai where the pristine nature still exists.

402$ (32900)


Travel to the country of White Water (summer 2023)

Trekking + rafting + speleo (nights in houses) / 8 days

The Mountain Altai was the cradle for many nations. Tribes of Scythes, Huns and Turks starting from that area spread around the endless territories of Eurasia.

908$ (74400)


To the foot of Belukha with pack horses ( 2023)

trekking / 10 days

To visit at the foot of Belukha in itself is wonderful, and to go it through the Oroktoy path is a double gift. The main advantage of this path is that it passes along the high altitude, repeatedly opening Belukha from unusual and bewitching angles.

592$ (48500)


Colourful autumn in the Uymon Valley (Autumn 2023)

Excursion tour (light physical training) / 7 days

One of the most beautiful places in the Altai is Uymon valley (Uymon steppe) - intermountain basin between Terektinskiy and Katunskiy ridges on the south Altay. There is a special atmosphere in Altai in autumn! There are not as many tourists as in summer. The weather is warm, and the amazing natural colors are fascinating. The red-yellow leaves are combined with the turquoise lakes of Altai. It's worth seeing.

567$ (46400)


Sport and health tent camp (2023)

Trekking / 8 days

We invite you to spend a wonderful vacation in the Altai Mountains in a tent camp in the Uimon valley. A special feature of our program is daily hiking, different in terms of difficulty and duration.

438$ (35820)


When waterfalls wake up (spring 2023)

Trekking / 6 days

In the spring people wants to be closer to nature, to see her awakening, with her scoop out the earth vitality, to feel free of all superficial and fussy.

516$ (42210)


Baikal - Family tour (Summer '20)

If you are an active family, enjoy spending your time in nature, walking, being far from civilization, this route is for you!

350$ (28600)


Volcanoes alive (summer 2020)

Volcanoes alive

Very replete and informative tour of the most interesting areas of Kamchatka modern active volcanic.

830$ (68000)


Kamchatka kaleidoscope (Summer 2020)

Kamchatka kaleidoscope 2020

During the trip you’ll visit such unique places of Kamchatka as active volcanoes Mutnovsky & Avachinsky, which are considered to be the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka; the unique and wonderful Valley of Geysers – the World miracle.

1160$ (95000)


Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

You will cross Kamchatka from the South to the North and moving from one climate zone to another, you will go to the central Kamchatka, to the location of the largest volcanoes in Eurasia.

1282$ (105000)


The Land of Bears and Volcanoes

You will cross Kamchatka from south to north and going from one climatic zone to another you will get to Central Kamchatka where the largest volcanoes of Europe and Asia are located.

1904$ (156000)


Tour to the five sacred peaks of the Mongolian Altai (Tavan Bogd Ula)

This is an unforgettable journey to the mountain massif of Tavan Bogd Ula - and the highest point of the Mongolian Altai - Nairamdal peak (4180 m).

0$ (0)


Mongolia Hangai, Altai and Gobi Drive

Self-drive tour

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The Gobi is a land of steppes and mountains and the second biggest desert in the world.

3990$ (374400)

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