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Trips to Mongolia


Tour to the five sacred peaks of the Mongolian Altai (Tavan Bogd Ula)

This is an unforgettable journey to the mountain massif of Tavan Bogd Ula - and the highest point of the Mongolian Altai - Nairamdal peak (4180 m).

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Mongolia Hangai, Altai and Gobi Drive

Self-drive tour

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The Gobi is a land of steppes and mountains and the second biggest desert in the world.

3990$ (377600)


UTV-s ride into land of horses, temples

Off-road tour on UTV-s through Mongolia

UTV-s ride into land of horses, temples - Off-road tour on UTV-s through Mongolia

4560$ (431600)

About Mongolia

What is real Mongolia? Steppe expanses, sparse forest, sky, mountain rivers and lakes, wild horses, black and silver grayling and white yurts - it is only a little from that you can find in Mongolia. The most sparsely populated country in the world is located between Russia and China. Mongolia is a mountainous country (1000-3000 meters above sea level) and the country with the cold and fast-flowing rivers. Rafting lovers fully enjoy visiting Mongolia.

Every traveler will notice that there is not many tourists and well-developed tourist infrastructure there. Mongolia pure and traditional. Rest of civilization and dive into the wild is guaranteed. That is why you are waiting for an unforgettable trip with a lot of experience in this beautiful country.

Mongolian "waterless place" - "Gobi" desert impress with their beauty and open spaces. "Hustai" National Park introduces the Przewalski's horse. "Gurvan-Saihan" Park surprise finds of dinosaur era. The deepest lake in Central Asia, the "Khubsugul" Lake will show an abundance of fish.

"Land of Blue Sky" has a dry and sharply continental climate. Changes in temperature at night and during the day range from 20 to 30 degrees. From July to September precipitation falls in the form of short-term, but the heavy rains. The sun spoils Mongolia up to 260 days a year.

Mongolians are happy people, hospitable and friendly. Content with small, nomadic, live in yurts and proud to wear national costumes. While in the home of local people pay attention to the host, so you will learn many traditions. Traditionally people put on the table everything that is available. Take and give food only by your right hand, don't use your left hand for it.

Mongolian "law of the steppes" obligation to provide assistance to any traveler. Therefore, traveling to Mongolia you will feel the care and attention from the locals. We wish you good luck visiting Mongolia!

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