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Everest base camp trekking (may 2014)

This is my second trip with Altair-Tour I've got, right one year after the first, when we went to Tibet and Mount Kailash. I wrote about it. It looks like I'm getting constant
a client of this company. But the fact is that in our Siberian region, just few companies offers tours like this. That tours which primarily are informative, not just entertaining character. God bless Altair-Tour in this.

Ok, let's move right to the story. Yes, after the tour to Tibet, the love of Tibetan-Himalayan region becomes chronic. I couldn't stop and do not make a trekking to Everest Base Camp. Especially, when we were in Tibet, we were also in Base Camp, but from the Tibetan side. It was very interesting to see how looks like Mount Everest from Nepal side.
We were flying to Nepal via Hong Kong. And it turned out that in Hong Kong we spend almost the whole day. Well, we didn't stay the whole day in the airport and, thanks to Olga Antonova - wonderful
Director of Altair-Tour, and just a beautiful woman, we made a small tour around Hong Kong. I have impressed about this town! It seems that Beijing and Hong Kong - are two completely
different cities of China. Hong Kong - is China we do not know. Hong Kong is the incongruous combination of Western civilization and Eastern charm. And the people totally different in Hong Kong. Even the language is different, although I don't know any Mandarin or Cantonese.
After Hong Kong we arrived to Kathmandu. Well, here like in India, almost. The next day we had flight to Lukla. This is a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas, all trekking routs begin from here to
Everest, Island Peak and Mera Peak. Who goes to Annapurna and Mustang fly to Pokhara. But we could not fly on the first day. And this is quite a common situation there. Weather in the mountains is very
changeable, and airplanes are quite small. Sometimes you can wait for a few days for a good weather. But we were lucky, on the second day we flew safely to Lukla. Altitude is 2800 m.
Don't loosing that day awaiting for a weather, we got the distance on the first day distance of two days. It was easy.
Well, a look from above. Trekking in Nepal is very popular. All the routs are quite good. No wading crossings, no crossing by logs,
no jumping from rocks to rocks. Everywhere are solid bridges. Throughout the route there are villages with hotels (it's called Lodges), cafes, and other benefits of civilization. Everywhere Internet and mobile connection, but telling a truth for an extra payment including gadgets charging. Cargo carry a porters, only members of the local ethnic Sherpa. A tourist goes light and enjoys
native species. And there is something to enjoy! Well, first of all, of course, the Himalayas themselves. Indescribable spectacle! Imagine a peaks 6-7 thousand meters and more close to you. They are very close! Well, you can not touch it, but you feel it by every fiber of your body. If weather is good from the beginning of tracking can be seen Everest. I want to tell about Ama Dablam mountain. Altitude is just 6800 m. According to the Himalayan standards - not so high. But the beauty and majesty of the mountain cause involuntary admiration.
By the way, last year's trip to Tibet is a very positive impact for altitude adaptation. Up to 4000m practically did not have any problems with hypoxia. But when we climbed higher - it began.
Conclusion - must go to the mountains often. And the people here are traveling from all over the world. Who just can not be found here. What we just did not hear. And all of them are very friendly. All of them are smiling. And yet, regardless of race and nationality, they welcome God inside of you, saying "Namaste" to each other. And no racial, ethnic or religious hatred there. People, let's live in peace! Go to
the mountains. Our world is so beautiful! And it belongs to all of us!
Finally - we got the Base Camp. But we were not so lucky with the weather. It was snowing. Visibility was very low. But no matter what - we did it!
I didn't want to leave. After arrival back home I've got nostalgia for the Himalayas. Well, they are just call back. It seems like Nepal is a small country but so many interesting routes around.
Like our Altai Mountains. Doesn't matter how many trips we did, somewhere is still a place where we have not been and must to see.
Thanks Altair-Tour for an unforgettable journey. It was the real JOURNEY!

Herman Miroshnichenko.

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