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Winter Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Winter 2023)

Duration / 6 days

Altai is very beautiful in winter. We suggest to go to Altai especially in winter – the time when it’s fabulous, fantastic and enchanting. You will get acquainted with the Uymon Valley and the amazing people who lives there.

593$ (48800)


Summer Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Summer 2023)

Duration / 8 days

Altai region is wonderful and full of mystery! It attracts with its power, antiquity, nature and remoteness. The highest mountains, snow-white glaciers, incredibly beautiful lakes, vast valleys, mountain passes - all this is Altai. This tour combines wildlife and reasonable comfort. The 8 days of this Altai trip will be forever remembered in your heart.

1426$ (117500)


Travel to the country of White Water (summer 2023)

Trekking + rafting + speleo (nights in houses) / 8 days

The Mountain Altai was the cradle for many nations. Tribes of Scythes, Huns and Turks starting from that area spread around the endless territories of Eurasia.

903$ (74400)


Baikal - Family tour (Summer '20)

If you are an active family, enjoy spending your time in nature, walking, being far from civilization, this route is for you!

348$ (28600)


Kamchatka kaleidoscope (Summer 2020)

Kamchatka kaleidoscope 2020

During the trip you’ll visit such unique places of Kamchatka as active volcanoes Mutnovsky & Avachinsky, which are considered to be the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka; the unique and wonderful Valley of Geysers – the World miracle.

1153$ (95000)


Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

Classic Kamchatka (Summer 2020)

You will cross Kamchatka from the South to the North and moving from one climate zone to another, you will go to the central Kamchatka, to the location of the largest volcanoes in Eurasia.

1275$ (105000)


The Land of Bears and Volcanoes

You will cross Kamchatka from south to north and going from one climatic zone to another you will get to Central Kamchatka where the largest volcanoes of Europe and Asia are located.

1894$ (156000)


Yakutia – diamond of Russia

Yakutia is amazing republic, the largest region of the Russian Federation with unique culture, interesting traditions, ethnic food. Yakutia is associated with cold and diamonds.

1099$ (90500)

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