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Winter Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Winter 2023)

Duration / 6 days

Altai is very beautiful in winter. We suggest to go to Altai especially in winter – the time when it’s fabulous, fantastic and enchanting. You will get acquainted with the Uymon Valley and the amazing people who lives there.

582$ (48800)


Summer Jeep Tour to Uymon Valley (Summer 2023)

Duration / 8 days

Altai region is wonderful and full of mystery! It attracts with its power, antiquity, nature and remoteness. The highest mountains, snow-white glaciers, incredibly beautiful lakes, vast valleys, mountain passes - all this is Altai. This tour combines wildlife and reasonable comfort. The 8 days of this Altai trip will be forever remembered in your heart.

1401$ (117500)


Colourful autumn in the Uymon Valley (Autumn 2023)

Excursion tour (light physical training) / 7 days

One of the most beautiful places in the Altai is Uymon valley (Uymon steppe) - intermountain basin between Terektinskiy and Katunskiy ridges on the south Altay. There is a special atmosphere in Altai in autumn! There are not as many tourists as in summer. The weather is warm, and the amazing natural colors are fascinating. The red-yellow leaves are combined with the turquoise lakes of Altai. It's worth seeing.

553$ (46400)


Tour to the five sacred peaks of the Mongolian Altai (Tavan Bogd Ula)

This is an unforgettable journey to the mountain massif of Tavan Bogd Ula - and the highest point of the Mongolian Altai - Nairamdal peak (4180 m).

0$ (0)


Mongolia Hangai, Altai and Gobi Drive

Self-drive tour

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The Gobi is a land of steppes and mountains and the second biggest desert in the world.

3990$ (383400)

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