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Trips to Baikal


Baikal - Family tour (Summer '18)

If you are an active family, enjoy spending your time in nature, walking, being far from civilization, this route is for you!

462$ (28600)


BAM - The Winter Expedition 2019

Baikal-Amur Mainline -winter expedition

One of the world's most amazing winter roads

7500$ (532400)

About Baikal Lake

Baikal Lake - the deepest lake in the world in the middle of the Siberian taiga. Average depth is 700 meters, the deepest places it exceeds the mark of 1600 meters. It is one of the oldest and most picturesque lakes in the world, no wonder the locals call it the sea! Baikal - the giant fresh water storage, which is striking in its clarity and transparency, and can be seen at 50 meters depth. The area of ​​the lake - about 23 thousand sq. m., and the lake holds a fifth of the fresh water on the planet. All this huge mass of water, surrounded by banks of different color and relief, can look very different depending on the weather and time of year. One thing remains unchanged - Baikal always looks fascinating, exciting, mysterious and unique. Even those who are often here, each time amazed sight of this pearl of Siberia. And of course, this is a wonderful place on the border of Irkutsk region and Buryatia, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and dense green forests, has always attracted tourists. It is perfectly all - and the shore, and a lot of flowing rivers and streams, and amazing organisms that hold the unique purity of water - crustaceans colony sponge forests, many species of fish, including the famous Baikal omul. Exploring Baikal can be from different sides - just have enough time! 

Of course, the views of the lake and its amazing flora and fauna can be studied for years. But for those who have limited time to spare, we have prepared a number of tours to Baikal Lake, including familiarity with the lake itself and its individual attractions. They are all different lengths, prepared for travelers with different interests and physical condition. You can raft on the boats, make a trip on horseback or quad bike, a walking tour or move from place to place in the minivans or fast courts ... The tours include a variety of tours of different directions, yachting, rides in the cascades of hot and cold mineral springs, visit the unique Olkhon - the largest island of lake Baikal. The island combines all landscapes - steppes, forests, cliffs, sandy beaches, dunes and hills, and it is famous for its weather - on the island are no more than 48 cloudy days a year, it is almost always bathed in the sun. Some tours include familiarity with local folk traditions, meeting Lama, visit Ivolga datsan - in short, those who are not into natural beauty, also have things to do. Evening campfire, fishing and fish grill for dinner, nerpinary where you can get acquainted with the unique Baikal seals - the ringed seal and most unusual lakes - Baikal Lake has always something to surprise guests! No doubt, this trip will allow you to not only get to know Siberia, but also have a great time, got a lot of impressions. Just select travel option for the soul - and go!