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Trips to Altai


Belukha is the heart of Asia (summer '19)

Mountain Belukha, the highest peak in Siberia, flies up with two summits: Western Belukha (4440 meters) and Eastern Belukha (4506 meters).

401$ (24900)


When waterfalls wake up (spring'19)

In the spring people wants to be closer to nature, to see her awakening, with her scoop out the earth vitality, to feel free of all superficial and fussy.

476$ (29500)


Multinskiye lakes (summer '19)

This tour opens to travelers a world of beautiful lakes and ancient mountains in a remote area of the Altai where the pristine nature still exists.

358$ (22200)


Climb Belukha Peak in Altai (Summer '19)

Belukha Mountain (4506 m) is the highest sparkling peak of Altai Mountains and whole Siberia, covered with snow and glaciers. Belukha Mountain is considered sacred.

964$ (59800)


Travel to the country of White Water (summer'19)

The Mountain Altai was the cradle for many nations. Tribes of Scythes, Huns and Turks starting from that area spread around the endless territories of Eurasia.

616$ (38200)


Tour to Uymon valley (Summer '19)

One of the most beautiful places in the Altai is Uymon valley (Uymon steppe) - intermountain basin between Terektinskiy and Katunskiy ridges on the south Altay.

479$ (29700)


The Land of Lakes (summer'19)

Time of great geographical discoveries in Altai over, but inquiring glance of tourist might even today meet there unexplored.

390$ (24200)



We invite you to spend a wonderful vacation in the Altai Mountains in a tent camp in the Uimon valley.

We invite you to spend a wonderful vacation in the Altai Mountains in a tent camp in the Uimon valley.

323$ (20000)


Travel to the sacred places of Altai

We offer you to take a trip to the sacred places of Altai, to the most remote and unique regions of the Altai Republic, filled with special energy and preserved the unique nature and culture of the peoples living in this area. The itinerary passes through five regions.

938$ (58200)


Taimenye lake

Taimenye Lake is the second largest lake in Altai. The path to the lake starts from Maralovodka in the upper reaches of the Katun river. You will pass many highland rivers, lakes and passes.

398$ (24700)


Great journey: the Katun Ridge

This trekking is created for travelers who have a good idea of what awaits them in the mountains and have been there many times to see the wildlife of Altai deeper and more consciously.

485$ (30100)


To the Shavlinskie Lakes and the Chuya Alps (summer '19)

The tour allows you to visit the heart of the snow-covered North-Chuyskiy Ridge, see the most beautiful mountain lakes and peaks Mechta, Krasavitsa and Skazka reflected in these lakes.

313$ (19400)


Altai Sightseeing Tour (summer '19)

The tour introduces the most memorable places of the Central, Southern and Eastern Altai.

579$ (35900)

About Altai

Altai originated from mongolian word "Altan" and means "Golden Mountain". There are goldmines in Altai, but Altai have not been part of gold provinces as El Dorado. "Speckled Mountains" - is another name for this unusual and incredibly beautiful place. Tours to Altai reveal hundreds of unique features. Leisure in the Altai fit every traveller taste, because it is diverse and multifaceted. Travel across Altai can be in the sport class boats on the mountain fast rivers, riding on the big boat with the comfort, on horseback or by helicopter. Swiss Alps - European travelers called Altai in the last century. The Swiss travellers have been here confirm this similarity. Tours to Altai not lose its relevance as long as this place is an oasis of almost untouched natural areas. These natural objects of Altai as Katun Reserve, Teletskoye Lake, Belukha mountain in the list of World Heritage sites. 

Geographical position

Altai - the longest mountain area, located in the center of Eurasia at the intersection of the borders of China and Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. The Russian part of the Altai consists of the Altai Territory with capital in Barnaul and the Altai Republic with capital in Gorno-Altaisk. Republic of Altai is the most attractive place for tourism, that's why travel across Altai will give a lot of unforgettable experiences to every tourist.


Altai Mountains - is the informal name of the republic but formal name is Altai Republic. The nature of this region differs wide intermountain hollows, occasional valleys and deep river valleys, high mountain ridges characterized relief. Ridges rise above sea level to a height of 3000m - 4000m. High altitude and remote areas - this is central Altai. Belukha Mountain (4506 m) - it is the highest peak of Siberia in the Altai. There are 430 karst caves there. The depth of the deepest cave in Siberia called "Ecological Mine"- 345 m. Altai is the country of blue lakes. Among the high mountain ranges has the largest and deepest lake in the Altai - Teletskoe Lake. This lake is considered a symbol of Altai. Lakes of the Kulunda Plain have mineral and medicinal properties. Picturesque Aya Lake famous all over the world thanks to its clear warm water. Altai is rich in rivers. Lakes as Kucherlinskoye, Shavlinsky, Multinskiye amaze with its beauty. Altai lakes - is an essential attribute of Altai landscape. Summer rain and snow waters feed the rivers of Altai. The different tiers of high-rise for the rivers of the Altai Mountains are typical spring-summer floods due to melting snow. Ob River is formed at the confluence of the Biya and Katun. There are around 7000 waterfalls born from Katun River. Tours to Altai - it is a positive emotions, charge a great mood for the whole year. Don't miss your chance to relax with health benefits....