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Trips to Transbaikal


East Kodar mountains.Peak Muskunah.

300$ (21400)

The breath of the sacred lake, dry steppe and northern taiga, ancient broad-leaved forests. The geographical position is in the center of Eurasia, remoteness from the world's oceans, natural barriers to entry of the air masses in the form of the largest mountain ranges of the world, the major river valleys and rugged mountain terrains - all this Baikal - a unique area of ​​Russia, and the whole planet as well. Tours around Baikal Lake are unforgettable. No one wants to leave it and evereone wants to come back again.

Volcanoes of Kalairskiy Range stretch over 80 kilometers long, are the most wonderful creation of nature. Some of them died over 2 thousand years ago, but on planetary standards they are still young volcanoes. Numerous shoots up the hot jets of water containing nitrogen (94%), merged into a single stream, form Purelagsky hot spring does not freeze in any temperature. The largest lakes of Transbaikalia - Barun-Torey Lake and Zun-Torey Lake, periodically filling and drying up on average once every 30 years. Plan a holiday in the Transbaikalia - and you'll get a chance to see this unique natural phenomenon - drying lakes.

The accumulation of moving the shifting sands area of ​​about 50 square kilometers that form the dunes, ridges and chains of dunes framed by pine and larch taiga and mountains - a unique phenomenon for Russia - Chara Sands. Here on the dunes grow larch, and in the summer there is ice in the sand.
North Muya train tunnel is 15 km long and unique creation of human hands. Padded in permafrost and abundance of groundwater, it has no analogues in the world. BAM Peak on Kodar Mount, first conquered by a group of climbers from Chita in 1963, the height of 3072 meters, climbing occur annually, usually in the summer. And indeed the Baikal-Amur Mainline, which became the greatest construction project of the country, is impressive in its scope. Tours Routes in Transbaikalia invariably associated with this railway.

Baikal is located close to the Far East region and significantly removed from the capital region, but it occupies a key position on the way to the countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. On the territory of Transbaikalia located Buryatia, Chita region and partially Irkutsk region. Complex and long geological history of the area led to the formation of countless natural resources. It has long been explored and exploited coal deposits as well as deposits of iron ore, titanium and gold. Medium-high mountains form the basis of Transbaikalia relief. Mountain ridges as Khamar-Daban, Barguzin, Ulan-Burgas, Dzhidinsky, Kodar, North Muya, South Muya and other alternate with intermountain valleys.

There are the sources of the Amur River there - Argun and Shilka Rivers. Lakes and rivers of Chita region belong to the basin of Baikal Lake and the Lena and Amur Rivers. Transbaikalia located in the heart of the continent, the distance from the seas and oceans and a significant elevation above sea level, provides a sharply continental climate. Almost the whole territory belongs to the zone of insufficient moisture. Precipitation are uneven and irregular. The warm, sometimes hot summer lasts short time. Spring is dry, clear and short. But a harsh winter with little snow with strong frosts (up to minus 45 C) and rapid changes in temperature lasts so long. What time of year will choose you to visit Transbaikalia? Going to Transbaikalia don't forget appropriate seasonal warm clothing and shoes.