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When waterfalls wake up (spring'15)

When waterfalls wake up.....
Finally, I have got acclimatization and can share my impressions about the trip to the Altai during the May holidays. What we liked? - EVERYTHING !!! My eyes and ears rest from the noisy, gray and dusty city, I fell asleep under the crackling of the wood in the stove, and wake up with birds singing, I drank and washed in clean water of the Multinskiye Lakes, walked on a carpet of mountain flowers ... As always mountain tour - is a little life. I was in the company with lovely people who can teach a lot of things and they have something to admire!!! Kate, Marie, Lana, Denis, Nastya, Sasha, Juliana - I was comfortable in the company with you,all of you are great!!! Special thanks to our guide - Yura Kutirev. His humor, wisdom and acceptance are not only for admirable, but also for the inheritance. Every person can learn something new from him, or just relax body and soul enjoying a holiday! Altai in May just wakes up, but it's must see!!! I recommend everyone at least once visit Altai! My heart belongs to this harsh and beautiful land! I'm going back next summer and a year later - in the autumn! Because the entrance to the Belovode we have not found ... ;-)

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