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Belukha is the heart of Asia (summer'15)

Every time climbing with a backpack to the next top, climbing over fallen tree trunks, slipping on wet rocks, basking in the sun or in vain closing of the omnipresent rain, and ahead of all the same never-ending rise - stalking with the same question: why am I here, in this forest, on this slope, for 4000 km and two days' journey from home, crawling on the mountain?

And every time you went up, you get the answer. To the bright sun blinded an eyes, chest filled up with intoxicating mountain air, fresh wind slapped on the shoulder and at the bottom in front of you - the whole world. Compressed to few hours all the story of our lives - from darkness to light, through the discomfort to the dream, through the work on yourself - to win over the yourself.

Text and photo credit: Dmitry Alekseev.

Trip: Belukha is the heart of Asia (summer'15)

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